Jaguar Heritage Certificate

Jaguar Heritage

Jaguar Heritage CertificateA Jaguar Heritage Certificate is a great way to pay hommage to a Jaguar E-Type. It's always a good idea to document a classic car, and the Jaguar Heritage Certificate helps confirm an E-Type's originality. The Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust researches their records to provide information including the original chassis, engine, and transmission numbers as well as the original interior and exterior colors. It's easy enough to cross check the numbers on the certificate with the numbers stamped on the car. Plus it's cool to have one.

All the information you need to get a Heritage Certificate can be found on the Jaguar Heritage Trust website. There is a Heritage Certificate Application Form that can be downloaded as a pdf. Once the form is completed, simply send the form in via email, fax, or mail as indicated at the bottom of the form. The cost is £ 45. Please contact them for more information.

A Well Traveled Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar Heritage Certificate

I acquired a Heritage Certificate for a special E-Type that had originally belonged to one member of my extended family (my brother's godfather) to be sold, then find it's way back to another member of my extended family (my own godfather years later). The original owner shipped his car to different destinations around the world so he could enjoy the car on his travels. When we got the Heritage Certificate, it indicated the car was originally purchased in France which coincided with the stories I grew up with.

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