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Ralph's 1962 Jaguar E-Type, 35 years later in 2016 [720p]
Can skip to 4:20 when Ralph's starts looking at the old pics, then after 4 sees the new ones for the first time. --In April 2016 a recent owner of the 1962 Jaguar E-Type roadster my father restored in the 70's saw a post of mine on Ferrarichat, and...
63 Jaguar E-Type: Decade-long restoration
Mark DeLong
A celebration of my 1963 Jaguar E-Type roadster that I rescued in 2002 and brought back to be a nice car. I'm ready to let someone else take this one on, so that I can find another nice project. It's a little wistful, thinking that I might let loose...
Jaguar E-Type restoration base walk around
James Wolstenholme
Went to visit this car in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan for a client in the UK. Quick walk around showing the general condition of the vehicle
1961 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 - Restoration Process
Classic Showcase
Classic Showcase is excited to offer this amazing Jaguar XKE for sale. This Jaguar E-Type is a first-generation outside bonnet latch Jaguar XKE, which is correct and proper, has recently completed its restoration to the highest standards of...
E-Type S1 4.2 Roadster Full Restoration
Looking back on the restoration of our E-Type Series One 4.2 Roadster, as we launch our brand new E-Type 6 Cylinder Parts Catalogue.
Jaguar E type XKE S3 V12 roadster restoration Episode 5...
Mike Edge
This video is about Jaguar E type XKE S3 V12 roadster restoration Episode 5 Engine
Jaguar E-Type restored by professionals, watch the amazing...
Tony Erker
Jaguar E Type Cabriolet, Flat Floor Model, Complete overhould in a breathtaking way to make the car brandnew, Enzo Ferrari said: "Best car in the world"
67 XKE Jaguar MetalWorks Classic Auto Restoration Eugene...
Here we are doing an overview of the entire car. We are looking at the issues we can see as it is now. Working with the customer to see what direction we want to go on this project. As you see in the video this car has been through some rough...
Jaguar E-Type Restoration - 2 1/2 years in 8 minutes
Restoration video of a Series II Jaguar E-Type. The restoration took two and a half years, thousands of hours of labor, and much, much more $$. The Jag was last licensed in 1983 and spent the last 15 years outside with a deteriorated car cover....
E-type Jaguar DIY Restoration & Maintenance, A Kind of...
New Chris Rooke book - E-type Jaguar DIY Restoration & Maintenance, A Kind of Loving. *Complete DIY Restoration of an Etype Jaguar. *Perfect for those who carry out home servicing & repairs. *Details the trials and tribulations of an...
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