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jaguar e type steering wheel & boss tips
I just wanted to point out a few basic tips when changing out the steering wheel. During a restoration you often get sent the wrong parts and it is easy to jump to the conclusion that there the wrong size, when it fact it is new paint build up or...
jaguar e type dash wiring + gauges, & switches
I needed to strip down the centre dash to renew the front facia and the new wiring looms are going back in the car, I will clean the copper pate and start to rebuild the panel.
Jaguar XK engine Valve Adjustment Tutorial
Learn how to check and adjust the valve clearances on your Jaguar XK engine
E-type Jaguar DIY Restoration & Maintenance, A Kind of...
New Chris Rooke book - E-type Jaguar DIY Restoration & Maintenance, A Kind of Loving. *Complete DIY Restoration of an Etype Jaguar. *Perfect for those who carry out home servicing & repairs. *Details the trials and tribulations of an...
Classic Jaguar XKE | Engine Installation Process By Classic...
Classic Showcase
Installation of a 1962 Jaguar XKE engine, See how the technicians carefully install the engine. Do you want to see more of this jaguar? Want us to Service your car? Please Visit ...
Jaguar IRS hub rebuild
David Lacey
For ultra-nerdy car types here's my record of rebuilding a rear hub on an e-type Jaguar. More info at . There's 2 jobs that require care; the wheel bearing end float and the fulcrum shaft pre-load.
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