1970 Jaguar E-Type Series 2, 2 plus 2

Sable Jaguar E-Type

My Jaguar XKE

I was lucky to get this Jaguar E-Type barn find. Although, I have to confess, my history with this car goes back before this classic became a barn find. It belonged to my uncle and I had nice memories of this car growing up.

I used to tag along with my uncle as a kid as he played with and worked on his toys. This Jaguar was one of them. I'd help out changing the oil and servicing the car. I even followed along and tried to help as he rebuilt the motor. Even back then, these cars were classics. I remember cutting out gaskets because the gaskets weren't readily available anymore. Ironically, as an elementary school kid, I got to learn about mechanics on a Jaguar E-Type!

Like many other kids, I was also one of those kids who was into airplanes, and my uncle had one! I'd call him on weekends or after school to go flying, and he'd come pick me up in this very Jaguar.

My Jaguar XKE

Jaguar E-Type Car TrailerWhen the opportunity came up, I was lucky enough to have acquired this great barn find. The car was a solid California car and very original. Despite sitting for years, there was very little rust. The problems with this E-Type were caused by age, old rubber, and not having been driven. There was some corrosion, but nothing that couldn't be dealt with.

My goal for the car was to first get her back on the road and make sure she was mechanically sound. Essentially, this meant she'd have to be rebuilt. After sitting for so long, dirt, corrosion, and deterioration take over. Rubber rots, parts get frozen, and things get rusty.

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