Jaguar XKE E-Type Workshop

Rebuilding the Jaguar E-Type Power Steering Gear

Jaguar E-Type Power Steering My 1970 Jaguar E-Type Series 2 had power steering. In this steering system, the power steering pump supplies power steering fluid under pressure to the power steering rack. When the wheel turns, the pressure increases to the power steering rack so the car is easier to steer.

To keep the pressurized power steering fluid in the power steering rack, there are a variety of o-rings and seals. Since this jaguar had been sitting for years, the o-rings and seals grew tired and the power steering rack leaked. No problem, we just have to rebuild the power steering rack and replace the o-rings.

Rebuilding the Jaguar E-Type Power Steering Gear (cont'd)

Jaguar E-Type Power Steering Rebuild Kit My workshop manual had a section on the power steering, but there was not enough information to do the job. There was not even a schematic or diagram to visualize the different components. Fortunately, I found a helpful blog on the internet (Jaguar XKE - 1969 Jaguar XKE E-Type Restoration). I was able to buy the o-ring and seal kit from a supplier specializing in Jaguar parts.

Dismantling the power steering rack was not too difficult. I looked at the direction of the threads to see if anything was reverse threaded. I inspected things for wear and all looked good. After extensively cleaning the rack gear, it was time to put it back together replacing the o-rings and seals. I took advantage of having the rack apart to replace the steering bellows as well since I had to remove the tie rods to get them on.

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