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The Jaguar E-Type Borg Warner Automatic Transmission

Jaguar E-Type Power Steering The transmission in my 1970 E-Type is a Borg Warner T8 3 Speed Automatic Transmission. The transmission is well documented in Robert Bentley's The Complete Official Jaguar E workshop manual. Fortunately, I had the manual to refer to for complete procedures, specifications, and diagnostics

After sitting for years, the automatic transmission developed some problems. First were leaks. The seal at the front of the transmission behind the torque converter was leaking. Over time, rubber hardens. This meant the front seal would leak.

The other problem was shifting. My Jaguar wouldn't shift past second gear. The cause was dirty valves and valve cylinders in the valve body. Again, after sitting for years, dirt and grime accumulated and settled in the automatic transmission's valve body preventing full movement of the valves, and preventing the gears from shifting.

The Jaguar E-Type Borg Warner Automatic Transmission (cont'd)

Transmission Valve Body After fully checking out my transmission per the workshop manual, I only had these two problems to address. First step was to fully clean the transmission components, especially the valve body, so the gears would shift appropriately. The next step would be to replace the seals and gaskets to re-seal the transmission.

Unfortunately, the engine would have to be removed to properly replace the front transmission seal. In the Jaguar E-Type, this means removing the torsion bar reaction plate. This is tricky since you'll have to know about setting the torsion bars. Removing the reaction plate and being able to put it back on can also be tricky. There are precautions and dangers for both tasks so I'd say this is a job for an experienced mechanic.

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